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About our Preschool

Children learn best when they’re happy, engaged and having fun. That’s why we’ll always use your child’s interests as inspiration for our learning activities. When your child joins our Preschool, our focus will be making sure they are ‘school ready’ with all the skills they need for their next adventure at primary school. As well as developing their early writing skills, learning literacy and mathematics, your little one will be dancing, den building and painting their way to being a happy and confident learner. Fun physical activities and outdoor play every day will benefit their physical and emotional wellbeing too. The small size of our Preschool allows your child to develop socially and learn to work with other children, whilst still receiving the care and attention they need to flourish during this crucial point in their learning journey. Your child’s education will cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), so they will be fully prepared for primary school. We’ll also help to make sure that you are ready for this next step; a child’s first day at school is a proud day for a parent, but it can be a very emotional time too!

With you every step of the way.


A Special Bond -  When your child joins our Preschool they will develop a very special bond with their key person and often other staff too! Their key person will be the friendly face you chat with about your child’s development both at Preschool and at home. The key person approach means your child is being cared for by someone who knows all about their unique likes, interests and needs. They’ll use this special bond to plan learning activities and experiences based around what inspires and excites your child. Your child’s key person will make sure you’re always involved in your little one’s learning journey, so we can all work together to give them the best possible start.

Settling in nicely - Leaving your child at Preschool for the first time can be incredibly difficult. To help you through this we offer free ‘settling in sessions’. This involves you spending time with your child and their key person at Preschool, before popping out for a short time to allow your little one to interact with their new surroundings. You can do this a number of times until you feel confident about your child staying with us for a full session. We find this really helps parents and children to settle into Preschool life!  Often where children have attended other settings we find they can settle with us very quickly and we are happy to adjust our settling in process for your child's needs.


Our Curriculum  - As an Ofsted registered Preschool our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The EYFS sets the standards for the care, learning and development of children from birth to 5 years, it is the same set of standards all schools, pre-schools, nurseries and reception classes must follow. Although ‘EYFS’ sounds very formal, it actually focuses on learning through exciting games and play. It allows our team to provide activities that are tailored to your child’s unique likes and interests so that learning is always lots of fun! Our planning process follows the ethos of 'Planning in the moment' and we follow the children's interests to observe and 'teach' the children to help them achieve their next steps. Our learning activities cover the EYFS’s 7 key areas: Communication & Language Physical Development Personal, Social & Emotional Development Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts & Design

How will I be involved in my child’s learning and development? A positive relationship between you and our team means we can all work together to give your child the best possible start. We work in partnership with our parents and carers by providing: Information via Class Dojo,  Regular chats with your child’s key person about their development at home and at Preschool, Parents evenings throughout the year Access to assessments, including a two year check meeting with your local Health Visitor (where possible)

Meet The Team


Emily - Owner /Manager
Post Graduate Certificate in Early Years
Early Years Teacher Status
Paediatric First Aid

Kim - Deputy Manager
Designated Safeguard Lead
Level 3 Early Years
Paediatric First Aid

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Qualified Teacher Status
Paediatric First Aid


Early Years Level 2
Paediatric First Aid


Apprentice level 2
Paediatric First Aid